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Compact Medium-voltage Panels (AMC)

Due to improvement of equipment and electrical components we offer compact units solution for all requirements in medium voltage.

Compact Substations (ASF)

Shortage and high property prices caused that reducing the occupancy space of the substation has become a very important issue in electrical distribution. Therefore, this company has designed and produced ASF type compact substation.

Fixed Low-voltage Panels (ALF)

ALF Panel is a fixed type panel made of 2 mm thick galvanized frame plates, fully joined with bolts and nuts. This panel can be manufactured in different dimensions based on the customer's request and hence it has a suitable flexibility to meet the consumer's needs. Diversity of accessories and parts provides appropriate selection for various working conditions.

Fixed Medium-voltage Panels (AMF)

AMF Panel is a fixed type MV panel made of 2 mm thick oil plates, and is painted with electrostatic paint.

Modular Low-voltage Panels (ALM)

The frame of this panel is the same as the AFL type that the main busbar is on the top of the panel separated from outgoing feeders and the main circuit breaker. Each circuit breaker of outgoing feeders is also located in a separate box.

Wall-mounted Low-voltage Panels (ALC)

Frame and enclosure are manufactured from steel sheet with 1.5 and 2mm thickness painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Withdrawable Medium-voltage Panels (AMW)

Metal-clad medium voltage used for primary power distribution up to 24KV, 2500A.

Withdrawable Modular Low-voltage Panels (ALW)

ALW Panel is a withdrawable modular panel that is used as a Motor Control Center (MCC)